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Laser Welding Machine/0.25~600W, YAG Laser Welding Machine
Laser Welding Machine
Untitled Document This Laser machine is specifically designed for high speed seam laser in widely welding applications. It can provide high peak power and raise welding quality to meet operators' requirement.

  • Energy synchronous examination
  • Adjustable separate lens
  • Precise Waveform control
  • LCD touchable panel
  • Replaceable manipulator
  • External communication

    This laser welding machine can be used in welding titanium, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and many other metals. It can also work on welding two different types of metal such as copper- nickel, titanium-nickel, copper- titanium, and low carbon steel-copper, etc.

    This type of laser welding machine can be widely used in kinds of precision machinery. For example, mobile communication, electric components, frames of glass, jewelry and accessories, medical devices, and many other industrial areas.
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