Coil Straightener (Slitting) Cutting to Length Line

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Coil Straightener (Slitting) Cutting to Length Line
Coil Slitting Machine
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MAY SHUAY TECHNOLOGY specializes in manufacturing and marketing of high efficient and labor-saving welding equipment and coil slitter machine. We are always committed to helping our clients achieve the production goals by supplying the most productive, flexible, reliable and safe coil slitting line available.

Coil Straightener (Slitting ) Cutting to Length Line is mainly composed of uncoiler, feeder and slitter. The function of coil slitter & straightener machinery is to slit a wide coil to stated width strips coil along with the length direction which can be used for milling, welding pipe, coil blend forming, stamping as billet.

  • Uncoiler: Uncoiler has up to 1250mm width and handles coils up to 7,000 kgs. Uncolier can have hydraulic expansion and can be motorized according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Coil Leveling: This is the process of removing coil set or cross bow out of flat rolled material or steel sheet. The material is run through an entry and exit set of bride rolls, with the corrective leveler in between.
  • Coil Slitting: Line speed of the slitting lines can go up to high mpm and coil weight can achieve to 7 tons. Coil slitting lines are suitable for end users and service centers.

    Milling, Welding pipe, Coil bends forming.
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