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We seek for excellent quality, innovative research and development of products and good after sale services in the field of automatic welding equipment manufacturing. MAY SHUAY is established by our founder and a group of professional team workers.

MAY SHUAY specializes in manufacturing and marketing of high efficient and labor-saving turn key automatic welding equipment. We offer customers the options of laser welding machine, seam welders, precision plasma welding machine, inverter TIG welders, MIG welders and plasma cutting machine. Our variety and complete line of welding machines offer customers a one stop shopping selection. We continuously enhance the quality of our products.

Our specific structure of welding eqipment is patented. We have successfully sold our products to our local market, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

MAY SHUAY welcomes your comments and continuously support.

Our Major Models:

  • Specialist manufacturer of welding and heating machines
  • Spot welder. Argon welding and Co2 welding auto table
  • Design, manufacturer and repair of special purpose machines
  • Manufacture and sale of welding molds and electrode machines
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