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Automatic Welder Series:

Automatic welding systems empower different degrees of computerization of the welding procedure. It is usually roughly faster than a manual welder. MAY SHUAY has supplied a variety options of automatic welders for diversed welding needs, including horizontal circular automatic welding machinery, double gun automatic welder, etc. All our auto welders are manufactured under strict quality control, keeping our welding equipments at affordable and reliable prices.

DAM-300~DAM-1600 Automatic Welding Machine

DAM-300~DAM-1600 Plate Bending Roll Machine

DLA-200~DLA-500 Automatic Welding Machine

DLA-200~DLA-500 Double Gun Longitudinal Seam Welder

HAC-500~HAC-2000 Automatic Welding Machine

HAC-500~HAC-2000 Horizontal Circular Welding Machine

HAD-500~HAD-3000 Automatic Welding Machine

HAD-500~HAD-3000 Horizontal Double Gun Circular Welding Machine

VAC-300 Automatic Welding Machine

VAC-300 Vertical Circular Welding Machine

We are an experience and expertise welding machine manufacturer based in Taiwan. If you have any welding questions, please don't hesitate to call us. Our professional service team will provide the best solutions possible for you.

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